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How to Use ThermoMake?

How to Use ThermoMake Pigment to Color Pellets?

What is ThermoMake?

ThermoMake is a type of non-toxic and biodegradable thermoplastic. ThermoMake becomes soft when heated and hard when cooled. ThermoMake can be cooled and heated many times. ThermoMake can be molded into any shape.

ThermoMake is moldable, strong, reusable and easy-to-use. You can use your hands or tools to make strong plastic objects in minutes. It is perfect for crafts, arts, prototypes, repairs and DIY projects.

Project Ideas
  • ● Figurines, animals, toys, models and sculptures
  • ● Housing items, hooks, handles, holders
  • ● Repairs, small gadgets, improvements

Win a Prize

Every month we choose a favorite ThermoMake project from the pictures or videos sent to us and award the maker an awesome prize! Please share your gorgeous projects with us and other makes. See details....